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Are you confused about whether you’re driving a car that will maximize your income potential?  Are you nervous or hesitant about using your personal car for ridesharing?  One week Breeze has a great deal providing a Prius, and the next week another dealership comes out with Uber Plus vehicles that earn a ton more money, for about the same payments.  We will keep track of all of these deals as well, and will provide you guidance on using your own vehicle versus the benefits of having a second vehicle dedicated to your rideshare work.

If you are a ridesharing veteran, a novice, or a new driver thinking about getting your feet wet in the industry, you’ve come to the right place for information.  RideShare College is designed to provide the community a gathering place to keep up to date on the ever-changing rules of every company that provides ridesharing services.

We will also have a vendor page that provides companies which specialize in discounts to rideshare drivers.  Don’t worry, we will weed out all of the ones that do not make sense and all the spam.  We will also provide direct links to all of the websites that can assist you with even more information.  From podcasts to blogs, to even Facebook pages, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips both on this website, and our mobile app.  We will offer a FAQ page, as well as community forum that will provide information from fellow drivers to keep everyone abreast of how to put more money in your pockets instead of the companies that are already worth billions!

Rideshare Opportunities

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Rideshare College Ridesharing Education

Do you wonder if you’re making the most money you can?  Do you hear about a bonus weekend, after the weekend?  One day Uber has a referral bonus for “this weekend only”, the next day Lyft has another bonus.  And, it’s almost an impossibility to keep track of them all, and still be driving to earn your money.  RideShare College was created in order for you to keep track of all the bonuses and deals available to you.  We’ll also let you know when a new rideshare company hits the market.  We’re here to help you maximize your rideshare income.