Wingz has no current bonus programs.  Would you like to just drive airport runs?  Then this is the company you want to sign up with!  Go to to learn more.

There are no current bonus programs with DoorDash.  But, if you prefer to work with restaurants to deliver food with either your car or your bike, this might be perfect for you.  Visit for more information.

There are no current bonus promotions for HopSkipDrive.  However, do you love to work with children?  If you love to drive, and you love kids, this might be a great option for you.  Visit to get more information.

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​Current Referral Programs

After you complete an initial number of rides, and have your own driver code, you will get a referral bonus for each person you refer and who completes their required number of  rides.

There are no current incentives for Postmates.  If you have a bicycle, and love to stay in shape, this might be a perfect fit for you. Visit to find out more.

If you’re already an Uber driver, you can earn cash for referring new drivers and new riders.

Not yet a driver, use the code below to earn a bit of extra cash for yourself and for the driver of this code.
You can also refer your family and friends who have driven for other rideshare companies for this same program.  Use the same link as above.

If you know already that you want to sign up to be a Lyft driver, use this link to take advantage of the most current referral program:

Family and friends receive a code either directly through the Lyft app, choosing “free rides” or by entering the unique referral code into the payment screen when they sign up.  Both existing and new passenger get cash to use toward future rides.  Check the link for full details and applicable areas:
New drivers get Lyft credit when the new driver is referred by an existing passenger; existing passenger gets the same credit.  Term/conditions apply.  Credit differs by area.

Full details:
Drivers also get cash for each new Lyft rider referred who completes a ride (excludes passengers currently in the car).

Full details:
Existing and new drivers both get a referral bonus when the new driver completes a required number of rides.  Terms/ conditions apply.  Full details:
Lyft Ambassadors get credit as well for referring new drivers, similar to the program of passengers or existing drivers referring new drivers.  Full details:

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Although most of us love what we are doing, it is really all about the money, right?  Staying on top of the right referral programs can give you the edge and make you very successful.  This page is designed to keep the most current programs in front of you with a click of a button.  We can even notify you when a program changes so that you can capitalize on it right away!  Click here to be added to our notification list.  Please review all of the programs below, and make sure to squeeze every penny out of the big guys as you can!