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You have decided ridesharing is for you, and you either do not have a suitable vehicle, or do not want to greatly devalue your own vehicle.  So, what's next? 

Below are 2 easy-to-understand charts to help you determine which option makes the most sense for you, and your personal situation.  Let's look at a new vehicle comparison first:



Now let’s look at a used vehicle comparison:


After looking at all of the benefits, and disadvantages, one might wonder what direction to go in.  Especially since your decisions today will dictate your success, or failure, with ridesharing.  There are an untold amount of combinations that could make you a very successful entrepreneur, or another failed rideshare driver.  With so many things to consider, it seems the best combination from above would be: 

  • To lease (keeping your payments as low as possible);
  • A used vehicle (to keep the price lower)
  • With no excess mileage charge or limits;
  • The ability to get approved (no matter what your credit);
  • With little or no down payment (to have reserves for fuel, water, mints for the customers);
  • With no excess mileage charge or limits (which could save you thousands of dollars over your ownership term);
  • That has no chance for any negative equity build up (since it is present, and has to be deducted before calculating your net earnings);
  • That includes all the manufacturer's scheduled maintenance, even including brakes and tires (saving you even more of your cash, and making you more profitable);
  • Including a warranty that covers all the major components on the vehicle to keep it generating you fares (if your vehicle is inoperable, there is no way to generate income);
  • The ability to switch vehicles at any time with no penalty (because as this business evolves, different parameters for the best revenue-producing vehicles will constantly change);
  • With a training center, and a community that exists to assist all of its drivers to ensure the most profitable, successful experience.

We have formed a partnership with a dealership in the Southern California area and have developed a program that fits all of the above parameters.  Any inquiries can be directed to info@ridesharecollege.com.  There is a large selection of vehicles that qualify for the UberX program, and more come in every week.  We make sure that the driving community will have the best chance to make the most amount of money!ee comparing buying or leasing your rideshare vehicle

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Buying VS Leasing

Rideshare College Comparing Buying Or Leasing Your Rideshare Vehicle